Home Renovations

Not every house feels like a home, but with some help from our design-build experts, we can turn any room or rooms of your house into something you’ve only ever dreamed about. It is our mission to help you put an indelible mark on your home and create something that is truly special and unique to your interests.

Blackstone approach ensures a smooth and expertly executed home renovations from concept to completion.

Every Blackstone Renovation is created with the following things in mind.


Before we start the design process, the most important thing is to understand how the kitchen is going to be used and plan a layout that makes the best use of the space. Blackstone understands that a kitchen has various flows and different work areas that need to be integrated throughout the entire project.

Beyond the requested style or design, it’s important to define a module to optimize performance and minimize the manufacturing costs of the different pieces. Over the past few years one of the most common requests we have had is to create a multi-use space where clients can cook, eat, read the news, entertain and help with the children’s homework. It’s a reflection of the way many of us are choosing to live these days. Dining rooms are increasingly redundant, sacrificed to create a single, larger space where people can gather.


This question has to be something that’s first answered for yourself, so you understand what amount of money you want to spend, but it’s important to be honest with the people on your design team about what that number is. It is our goal to use your budget as effectively as possible.

Blackstone is extremely proficient at meeting most budgets and using it in the most efficient way possible. We have relationships with the best suppliers and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality kitchens for the best price.


Blackstones’ goal on every job is to create a high-quality kitchen remodel without the sticker shock. Expert craftsmanship paired with project management are the mark of every Blackstone kitchen renovation. A team of experts have perfected our process to ensure an enjoyable renovation from concept to completion.